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for swingsetindecember wanted a fic w/ Stiles cooing over a baby wearing this onesie while Derek jogs shirtless :)

Many people, not entirely without reason, had a tendency to be slightly skeptical of Stiles’ sincerity in…

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isallobar asked: Hey, for that problem, it's just 20000 * 1.51 = 30200.

…Do you ever have those moments where you stare at a problem for hours trying to figure out how to set it up and then it turns out to be the easiest fucking thing ever? 

Thank you so much! : )

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Alright! I am about five minutes from ripping my hair from its roots because I do understand this problem. So, help me someone.

Attendance this year at the homecoming football game is 151% of what it was last year. If last year’s homecoming football game attendance was 20,000, what is this year’s attendance? (Round to the nearest integer, if necessary.)

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